Would you trust a million pound move with a £100 man with van?

/Would you trust a million pound move with a £100 man with van?

Would you trust a million pound move with a £100 man with van?

In the removal world a bargain isn’t usually straightforward…

We’re going to come out & say it. Your removal is worth more than a million pounds. There. We said it. Don’t worry guys, we haven’t lost the plot but instead we’re going to tell you why. Your move is worth more than any amount of money on the planet and purely for the reason that it’s YOUR move. You’re not just moving some furniture, you’re moving your life. All your possessions, all your memories are being trusted with someone else while in transit & that’s huge.

Cheap & cheerful vs. professional & proper

Call us crazy but we don’t believe that furniture is just furniture. Every couch tells a story. Every wardrobe has a funny flat pack assembly tale behind it. Your possessions are much more than just things to be boxed up & hurled from A to B. We’d like to think other companies shared the same values as us, but unfortunately they don’t…

Some companies are so focussed on undercutting others that they cut some corners to do it. For a full house removal you could find yourself with the surprisingly cheap quote from a lone man with van ranger. Being dramatically cheaper than a removal company you’re tempted to bit their hands off but there are a couple of things to consider before committing to a move.

Don’t get caught out

Don’t get us wrong, a man with van service are perfect for smaller jobs to help keep the cost down. However, there is definitely a time and place they should be used. If you’re planning a big move, such as a house removal, you should alway prioritise quality over price. If you consider the below three points before committing to the move, you shouldn’t go far wrong:

  1. Insurance – are your removal company fully insured? We’re not talking about their vehicle insurance but instead are they insured for YOUR possessions? If not & something goes wrong while in their care, unfortunately you will be the one left out of pocket.
  2. Reputation – this one seems quite obvious, but so vital! Look for independant 3rd party reviews before giving a firm your custom. Check out some good sources such as Yell or Removal Reviews
  3. Size of the team – getting a bargain is important – we understand that. However, it should never come at the expense of a job being done correctly. That’s why you should always consider the size of the removal company and whether or not they can cope with your move. If you’re unsure, ask them! You’ll soon find out whether or not they are stretching themselves!

Want to know a little bit more?

We’ve been in the removals game for quite a while now, so we’d like to think of ourselves as experts (we prefer that term over know it alls). So that’s why we’re more than happy to give anyone a helping hand! Want some free & impartial advice? Why not drop us a line directly here or give us a call on 01704 33 20 82

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