Top 3 Questions To Ask Your Potential Removal Company

/Top 3 Questions To Ask Your Potential Removal Company

Top 3 Questions To Ask Your Potential Removal Company

Vet, vet & vet again! We breakdown how to properly get under the hood of your potential new removal comapny

Unfortunately some removal companies are terrible. There’s no two ways about it. We’ve even talked about how to avoid scam removal companies here. So, we’re not going to cover old ground, but instead give you a few handy tips to help you scope out your next possible removal firm.

Have you got it covered?

Insurance! It may sound like we bang on about insurance time & time again, but believe us – it’s vital. The amount of rogue removal companies flying by the seat of their pants is on the rise & insurance is just another corner to cut for them. But what does it mean to you? Simply it means when you’r goods are in their hands that should something go wrong then you won’t be out of pocket.

So, what do you ask them? Simply establish if they are fully insured for your belongings & if so to what value. The last part is vital. It helps protect them from pulling the wool over your eyes & making sure you’re not just partially covered.

Can you break it down?

Quotes are king! You should always insist on a fully itemized quote then you will know exactly where you stand. No hidden extras & no nasty surprises when it comes to moving day. A classic trick is companies bringing a van they know will be too small to fulfill the removal & insist on charging you for another one. This is so easily avoidable by asking your removal firm to give you a full and itemized breakdown. This way you’re left with no hidden extras on possible one of the most stressful days you’re likely to have!

Who else have you worked with?

Reviews are vital. Your removal company will tell you 101 reasons why you should go with them, but do your homework! Ask for previous customer feedback to find out what people in your position feel about them. This is hugely important to get a real insight in to how they operate & will ultimately leave you feeling after they take on the work. Reviews speak for themselves and a string of bad reviews can uncover the 101 reasons they’ve told you they can handle your removal.

Hopefully the above will give you a bit of a cheat sheet in to how you should approach a removal company moving forward. A removal is a big task & one which shouldn’t be undertaken lightly! If you have any questions about a potential removal or simply just want a bit of free & impartial advice then feel free to drop us a line here!

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