Business Relocation

Business Relocation? Looking to move your entire archive system to new premises? At InstaMove removals our trained removal staff have years of experience in archive relocation. We have moved a range of customers archive systems from small doctor’s surgeries to large city based law firms. Whether you are looking to move your entire archives or one part of it, InstaMove removals can help! Our team are always on hand to provide advice and help wherever you need them.

Office Removals

If you think moving house can be stressful, being in charge of moving a business from one property to another requires a lot more management and careful planning. There will inevitably be some disruption to your business, but the professional team at InstaMove Removals will ensure that everything goes smoothly. We can help with the packing, load the van, and safely and securely move your belongings from one location to the next. We can also provide storage services if there is a gap between the date you vacate your existing office and move into the new office.

There are many reasons why a business might need to relocate. Expansion means that you might not have enough room in your current premises, while a reduction in staff or machinery levels could mean downsizing to a smaller location. Some businesses move because they want to be located in a more central location, and some have no choice as landlords give notice. Alternatively, you could be moving part of your operations from one site to another.

Whatever the reason for your move, you will need to move machinery, equipment, and belongings from the existing location to your new premises and, in all these cases, InstaMove Removals can help you achieve this with minimal fuss and headache.

The Key To Successful Office Removals

Planning is key to successful office removals. While we can’t help with things like contacting your customers or other stakeholders, we can ensure that the move is completed when it is supposed to be, and that you are up and running again as soon as possible after moving.

You will need to plan every element of the move. You will almost certainly endure some operational downtime. Even if you move premises at the weekend, when the business is closed, it will take time to pack and prepare, and to unpack and prepare at the other end. Take steps to ensure that all clients and other business partners are aware of your move, and use reliable office relocation services so that you meet the deadlines and timeframes that you have set.

Site Visit

We will need to visit your site. This enables us to see the items that you need moving, and to judge the scale of the job. Different businesses have very different business relocation requirements. Some may only need a few desks and filing cabinets moved, but other organisations need machinery, multiple computers, and other items moved long distances. Whatever the size of your requirements, we take them as seriously as though they were our own requirements.

During the site visit and early discussions, we will also determine your desired timeframe. We can work in the evenings and at weekends, which enables you to minimise disruption if your business opens during standard working hours.


Businesses have a lot of fragile and breakable equipment. You should ensure that everything is backed up remotely, but we can move sensitive equipment like computers as well as servers.

We will take care of every item, but will pay special attention to those belongings that have the greatest chance of being damaged. We can also work with sensitive documents and other sensitive items and are happy to sign any non-disclosure agreements for our business clients.


When moving any property, there is always the possibility of a void between moving dates. You may need to move out of your existing premises one day, but not be able to move into your new home until several days or weeks later. You don’t have to pay for short term rentals. Encourage essential employees to work remotely, from home, and consider storing your computers, office equipment, and even machinery.

At InstaMove Removals, we aim to meet every one of your needs. As such, we not only move clients’ belongings, but we can also offer short- or long-term storage too. Contact us to discuss our dry, secure, and safe storage unit facilities and how they can help facilitate your move.

The Day Of The Move

On the day of the move, there is likely to be a lot of distraction. You may have to deal with employees, field calls from customers that inevitably missed communication or failed to take note, and you will want to also ensure that everything is moved safely and properly. Our professional movers work diligently and with as little fuss as possible. Although there will be some noise and disruption, we will do everything possible to keep this to a minimum, so you can still answer phones and take calls.

Our movers have considerable experience with office removals. They can ensure that all of your items are transported safely and securely, so that they are ready to be removed from the back of the van and placed in your new office.


Once your items reach your new premises, it is time to start the potentially mammoth task of unpacking again. This is another step where your diligent planning will prove fruitful. Items won’t necessarily need to come out in the same orders as they went in. You might be rearranging machinery, or moving offices. Labelling and packing boxes and storage containers properly means that we can identify where every item belongs, in its new home, and unpack it.

Timely And Efficient

Reliability is key to office removals. When we agree a time, you don’t want to experience delays, which is why we ensure that we are on time for every removal job. We work efficiently until the job is done, and InstaMove Removals is fully insured. You can enjoy peace of mind that, if the worst does happen and something out of our control leads to damage, you are protected.

InstaMove Removals

Any move is a stressful time for those involved, especially if your brand’s reputation and your business’ relationships depend on it. Working with InstaMove Removals means that you can enjoy the benefits of a professional service, movers that are timely and efficient, and an office removal service that works tirelessly to give you the results you need. Call us today on 01704 33 20 82 to see how we can help ensure an efficient move for your organisation.

Business Relocation

Need boxes? InstaMove Removals can also provide a wide range of boxes to suit your Business Relocation needs.

Business Relocation With That Extra Care

Business Relocation with InstaMove not only moves your entire archive; but we can also help with the dismantling and reassembling of your shelving and storage furniture. We keep a detailed plan of your archive and put everything back into place, just as we found it. We work closely with Project Managers and Library staff to ensure a cost effective and efficient commercial relocation service to our customers.

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