Man and van in Southport VS a removal company

/Man and van in Southport VS a removal company

What should you choose?

One of the biggest points of discussion between people moving home and indeed those of us in the business of helping people move home is: what is better a man and van in Southport or a removal company?

Whilst many of the so called “professional removal companies” would have you believe that a removal company is 100% the best and only way to go on this issue, that is simply not true. The real answer to this question depends on many things such as:

  • The customers needs and expectations when paying for a service to move home.
  • The size of the customer’s needs is paramount to answering this question effectively.
  • As crude as it may sound, the size of the customer’s wallet is also of central importance.
  • The degree of the customers willingness or ability to get involved in their home removal service affects greatly how this question is answered.

Whether you are looking for a man and van in Southport or professional house removals in Southport, this article may help you decide in which direction to go. Luckily, InstaMove Removals & Storage offer both a full removal service with all the bells and whistles as well as not one, but two different types of man and van service in Southport. Whatever our customers need, we have got all of your furniture moving needs covered!

Meeting expectations

So first we have to go back to the first point regarding the impact of customer expectations when moving home and unable to decide on a man and van in Southport or house removals in Southport. If as a customer you expect whoever is moving home for you to dismantle your furniture, provide boxes, provide a packing service, provide the correct insurances, provide fixed price quotations as well as have all the knowledge to move more difficult items such as Pianos, then it may be possible that a professional house removals company may provide the correct service for you.

If however, you do not expect all of these things as standard and are prepared to dismantle your own furniture, provide your own boxes, do all of your own packing and are prepared to pay a company on an hourly rate, then a man and van in Southport may be the correct choice for you.

If you live in a 6 bedroom house, with a high volume of expensive possessions and the new buyers of your property are moving into your home on the same day you move out, then a professional house removals company in Southport may be the right choice for you. A professional house removals company as a general rule have much bigger vans and bigger teams to tackle large house removal jobs than a man and van operation.

However, be aware that the bigger vans and the larger teams come at a cost to you the customer! If you have a 2 bedroom house, and you are a minimalist with hardly any furniture, the people buying your property are not moving into your home until a week after you leave and you already have the keys to your new property, then a man and van service may be just the ticket for you. The point really is not a case of what is better but rather which service best suits the needs of the customer concerned.

A customer who does need a full scale removal service often feels short changed when paying out for a service they really didn’t need. Much the same as the owner of the 6 bedroom house feels they didn’t get the service they expected even though the costs were considerably lower than they expected when they opted to use a man and van service.

Another important issue to look at is how much the customer has to spend on the moving service they choose. It may be that the owner of the six bedroom house has a lot of possessions and needs to move home but they might not have the finances to pay out for a professional removals company. In the same way, the owner of the 2 bedroom house may not have the biggest property or require the removal vans service but they may have the finances to afford this premium level removal service.  So the finances of the person moving home are central to them making the choice between a man and van service and a house removals service. What choice would you make?

Lastly, another of the biggest grey areas in the house moving business is the customer’s willingness to get involved in the removal. This means from the very beginning when boxes are needed to start packing, when dismantling of furniture is required, when packing itself is needed and also on removal service day when boxes and furniture is brought to the removal van to be loaded and transported to their new home.

If you are willing to all of the things mentioned above, then a man and van service may be right for you. Getting involved in your removal service will save you considerable amounts on your removal quotation. However, be warned that not everyone has the ability to do this. Carrying out a removal service should be left to those who have the health and ability to get involved in the activities mentioned above. It is no good saying you will do all of the packing yourself, if you do not know how to pack. Similarly, it is no good saying that you will work endlessly for 8 hours on your removal day if you know that you get tired walking up the stairs to bed at night. So choose wisely.

Do what’s best for you and your home

Whether you choose a man and van in Southport or a house removals service in Southport and surrounding areas, InstaMove Removals and Storage has a range of options to cover all customer expectations, wallets and abilities.

Check out our Man and Van Southport page here and our house removals Southport page.

Good Luck!

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