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Moving home can be one of the most stressful times in a family’s life. Many home movers are often tempted to simply hire a van and attempt to do the move themselves. Whilst this is an option, there are some important things to bear in mind before making your choice.

Professional removal companies can bring to the table many elements, which will make your move not only easier but less stressful. Firstly, professional removals companies can help you at the very first stage of the planning process by undertaking a survey of your home or office. This is something that home owners often struggle to do, as they often under estimate or over estimate the size of the removal that is ahead of them.

After undertaking a survey, and establishing the size of the job and by taking into consideration the particular set of circumstances that you find yourself in, a removal company can help you in many ways that you might not be able to yourself. For example, a removal company can help you establish and plan for obstacles way ahead of your move day, such as  particular items of furniture that need to be dismantled prior to your move, how many boxes you require and what size and quality of boxes. Secondly, a removal company can give you advice on how to pack your items safely as to avoid damage, something that you may not have the knowledge of yourself resulting in damage to items in transit.

But Thats Not All…

Another key benefit of using a removal company is the experienced removal staff! We lift your delicate household or office items correct way to ensure no damages occur. Additionally, experienced removal staff know how to lift heavy furniture items in the safest way possible which minimises personal injury. It’s very common that people who try & undertake a move alone incur an injury through incorrect lifting & manoeuvring technique. People who carry out removals themselves often end up damaging themselves and damaging their property.

Wait There Is More…

Come move day, there is often new home owners eager to move in putting pressure to complete the move. So, when people choose to do a removal themselves there may be oversights pushing the job behind schedule. Experienced removal staff have the knowledge to not only provide the correct vehicle for your move; but also how to load and pack those vehicles correctly so that your move is completed the most efficient way possible, which results in a lot less stress on removal day.

Nope. Still More..

Bare in mind that if you do your removal yourself, you mightn’t have the correct insurance to cover any damages.  A professional removal company has a range of insurances to cover all eventualities, such as Goods & Transit Insurance, Public Liability Insurance and also the correct insurance for using vehicles for the purpose of removals, which is Hire & Reward Insurance.  If you choose to use a removals company, make sure that they have all of these insurances in place. These types of insurance cover are essential to provide a quality and proper removal service. They also give great piece of mind to the customer during an already very stressful time of life.

 In Short..

There are so many benefits to using a professional removal company.  Using a professional removal company makes your move less stressful & more importantly on time.

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